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Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center

Mr. Filomeno Rivera, the CEO and chairman of SFMH & UEFC, became interested in meat processing when he engaged in this type of business in the 1980s to generate additional income for his family. Later, he left his job in the government to put up a one-stop-shop business related to meat processing and later on a training institution where people can develop their entrepreneurial talents and skills.

Spices and Foodmix House serves the needs of meat entrepreneurs and those who wish to engage in meat processing as a livelihood opportunity, while Ultima Entrepinoy continues to cater to people who want to expand their horizon in terms of acquiring skills that would eventually lead to entrepreneurship.

Today, both Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center & Spices and Foodmix House does not limit its concern to meat processing ingredients and supplies only. It continues to conduct livelihood seminars due to insisted public demands. This is also UEFC's response to the call of poverty alleviation.

To accomplish all of this UEFC is guided by its vision and mission geared towards the promotion of entrepreneurial opportunities in order to enhance and hasten the social and economic progress in the country particularly for the marginalized sector.

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