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How does Spices and Foodmix House differ from Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center?

  • Spices and Foodmix House is the one selling various ingredients necessary for meat processing while Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center is the one conducting trainings for livelihood.

Does it necessary for a participant to go to your office/place just to learn their preferred courses?

  • No. We can go to your place to conduct training, as a matter of fact, we are offering institutional trainings, tutorials and request thru various government agencies.

Can we request for an exclusive training?

  • Yes. That will fall under the tutorial services for our company.

What other services you can provide for us after the training?

  • We can offer you a special consultancy services and link you to other institutions necessary for your growth as an entrepreneur.

Will your company help us in marketing our product?

  • Definitely yes. We do market matching.

How about improving the quality of our product? Do you also attend to that particular need of your client?

  • Yes, we can help you also improve the quality of your product. Our company does research and development on various meat products and other kinds of food processed products depends on the need of our client.

How much is the training fee?

  • For a half day course, that will range from 200 to 1500 Philippine peso per head. And for a whole day course, it will range from 1800 to 2500 Philippine peso per head. And for groups and request training we offer the best reasonable package price and definitely a lot cheaper than other institutions.

Will I be able to learn from your half day course?

  • Yes. You will be given a copy of the lecture/recipe/handouts, thorough discussion and demonstration.

What is your course outline?

  • Introduction, Processing technique, Actual demonstration on how-to, Sourcing of raw materials and ingredients, Uses and function of each ingredients and/or materials, Packaging (source of materials and presentation), Capitalization, Inventory, Costing, Return of Investment and Marketing.

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